February 14, 2008

Celebrating St. Valentine's Day During Lent

St. Valentine's Day sort of snuck up on me before I realized it was today. Since I make my own bread I added red food coloring... *voila* pink bread. Some of the bread I made into very slightly sticky buns. A few white cheese chunks and cut up sweet beef sticks and we were ready to celebrate (more on the honey pail, napkins and coloring book below).

Some of the pink dough was made into buns for the barbecue beef. Ok, it gets worse, we also had "cardboard soup" as we call Ramen Noodle soup with same said red coloring added. But I did run out of the color so our sour cream remained white! (BBQ and pink buns do not look pretty together)

The book St. Valentine retold and illustrated by Robert Sabuda is available at Hillside Education.

Click the images below to enlarge the coloring pages (and thank you to whoever gave me these last year... sorry I can't remember where I found them!!).

St. Valentine Praying

St. Valentine in the Prison

Gifts of goodies were sent to us which we all sampled and thoroughly enjoyed!! THANK YOU!!

Now to the honey pail. We had run out of honey. Although we gave it up for lent we use it just the same in things like granola. So I called the place and asked if they give tours. If we were going to drive an hour to get there we might as well make the best of it. The man was terrific and asked if we'd like the 2 or 4 hour tour. Being that I had all 9 children I said we'd take the 10 minute tour!

Here he is showing us one of those old fashioned beehives used in Egypt some many moons ago. He had quite a bit of history and stories to tell.

This is the inside of the beehive. The cross wood pieces were how the bees got started. I'm sure it was a very messy project to get out that honey!

Since we have some honey comb here at home we plan to melt it down into candles so we bought a cute lamb mold. This is Sam helping wind up the wicking and Frodo looking on.

The wicking spools. Pippin was interesting to have along... where was my stroller?!! The people were so nice and great with the children. They gave them each a coloring book as a gift.

On the way home we saw this neat train. Since there was a policeman directing us across the tracks in front of the train and a man taking pictures I figured I best get a picture, just in case this was a world famous train, I'd have proof we saw it too!

One of my lenten projects is to try to get as organized as my SILs. I just want things practical as pretty isn't my style (I guess!) So one of the first projects was our pantries. (yes, it does somewhat resemble a grocery store in quantities!!)

These 2 pictures are the upstairs pantry. See, not pretty but functional. I really wish I had taken a before picture. But I didn't as it was so bad you couldn't walk in here, so I was rather humiliated by it. But I guess it would have been more entertaining that way. Well, I have taken a "before" picture of the kitchen cabinets so if they ever get done I'll show both!

Eowyn rocking Bilbo. Bilbo is both a thumb sucker and takes a pacifier. Our first baby ever to take a nuk. (or nookie-cookie as we call it).
Pippin's favorite pastime is coming up with ways to torture Bilbo. One of those ways is to take Bilbo's fine hair and pull little bits of it. 3 boys in a row is too much energy and mischief.

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