February 10, 2008

Snowy Days

It's been a snowy year this year.

The storm on Fat Tuesday to Ash Wednesday brought us a foot or so of snow.

Sam however has been busy shoveling. He was very proud of this pile and took the pictures!

The driveway is properly deep enough with ice for runner sleds, something we've never had enough snow and ice to do in my reckoning!

As of yesterday our tally for snowfall for the season is up to 73 inches though we did hear 76 inches in this vicinty.

It's a bit hard to tell how much snow is out there with the most recent snowfalls due to all the wind!

But as you can see these big piles are just from our driveway and it's not all that long.

Today is absolutely beautiful outside... if you are standing inside your warm and cozy house. The "drifts" up there are our large round bales completely covered!

The windmills been going like 60. Today for the first time we've had more electricity than we can use between the full sunshine on the solar panels and the windmill whirring away.

The temps today are very, very cold, windchills between -20 and -30 degrees! But the house is toasty!

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