February 17, 2008

Eleanor Turns 5

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Eleanor was a profuse thumb sucker and we've been trying desperately to break her of the habit. Not only was she sucking her thumb but she would rub a cut on her upper cheek (ran into a thorny rose bush while sledding) while she sucked her thumb. We tried thumb sucking paint on stuff, bandaids, tape, etc... Two things have her on a roll for not continuing the habit 1. She can only play with her birthday dollies if she doesn't suck her thumb and 2. PINK duct tape! (it's not as sticky as regular duct tape and it's PINK)

She wanted a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

I hope my Reeses loving SILs see this!!! Edy's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream! I do prefer chocolate with reeses pieces but this was plenty yummy!

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