February 24, 2008


After our non-successful experience of raising a pig (for a month or two) someone decided we should inherit their apple orchard eating goats. I have never been much of a goat person. But decided I'd venture down and visit our new inheritance.

Well, they weren't such bad creatures afterall. I thought the brown one particularly cute.

The funny part was going down into the shed to visit them and having to climb back out due to all the snow, which at this point is quite well packed down.

Merry peeking in at the goats, who, incidentally are in the former pig-pen if this tells you how high our said pig jumped out. The goats haven't jumped out... yet.

Everyone enjoyed the little critters.

Charlie was very intrigued and wanted to get in at them.

Ice skating on sad-excuse of a pond is impossible due to the fact it's covered with quite a bit of snow.

Bilbo is a firm lover of cold weather if that isn't the craziest thing for a 2 month old baby! Of course he has layered up with plenty of blubber for the season.

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