October 19, 2008

Interesting Question

As I'm working on resizing pictures to post I'm remembering that a bit ago my friend Jamie from Ad Silvam Ibimus asked a very interesting question which I think we mothers (*ahem* and fathers) need to contemplate:

"Those of you who have been moms for a long time. Do you think you were a better mom before the internet?"


  1. Julie, I have only ever been a mom with internet around. Do you think it has made things worse. I know I do most of my socializing on there and don't see real adults all that much. Any more thoughts you can share on the change in things would be most helpful. God bless you,

  2. YES, YES, YES, YES and in case you didn't hear me.... YES!!! This is such a great question and probably something that many mothers wouldn't admit to. Julie, you know how many children I have and until the oldest was 8, we never had a computer. Best eight years of motherhood I've ever had. ;~)