October 5, 2008

More Amusings

Life with Bilbo - 9 months

I suddenly heard one of the littles hollering that Bilbo made a mess. Sure enough he had *gotten the cap off* a bottle of Eucalan wool wash (it's another story why the wool wash was in the school of all places!)

He had dumped nearly the whole works on the floor.

Don't let him fool you, this is *not* remorse!

No one knew why Bilbo was "singing" ah-ah-ah with this bottle against his face and he didn't offer any ideas either though we all were entertained.

Bilbo Walks!!

Bravo Baby!

A Beautiful Shower

This cake was so beautiful! Unfortunately my camera did not do the cake justice. The leaves were made of fondant which I think looks like a lovely medium to work with but knowing my lack of skill in all things decorous, I haven't yet attempted this. The cake tasted good, too!

The food spread was incredible! Absolutely delicious and presented beautifully.

Chicken salad on croissants, water chestnuts rolled in bacon with a barbecue sauce, mini quiches and ever so much more.... as you can see!

My sister-in-law's home is a work of art in itself so a truly lovely place for a gathering.

Me 'n my sisters-in-law.

My sister-in-law-to-be and I can't wait!!

The party was really fun. I had a great time sitting with this lovely lady. She was so hilarious and there is nothing I enjoy more than a good time laughing. I happen to be one of those people who loves to play what most people consider silly shower games. Well, not me, I just love those games!

How neat is this... a chocolate fountain! And in the background a punch fountain.

More goodies

Corn Maze

This year's corn maze was a dragon fly maze. The kiddie maze was a frog princeling (upper right hand corner) The family that owns this maze is really great to visit with. And they are so funny!

Our homeschooling group met at a local corn maze. Unfortunately some of my family was still in the midst of a cold so we went only with halfsies but that's still at a politically incorrect 4 children! I highly recommend a corn maze, it really is a lot of fun!

The farm where this corn maze is is really lovely. These horses were gorgeous! And HUGE! Their heads were some 6 feet up! They actually still use these horses for their fields.

Trekkin' along. I was in the age 5-11 group of girls. We did eventually get out of the maze!

Anyone left behind will be found in November when they combine the fields!


The older children waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

After the maze there was a picnic lunch but being that I left more than 1/2 the children at home we disappointingly missed this part of the day. I missed it most of all as it's really a lovely group of ladies who always have some joy to share.

Good Bye til next year!

New Suit

My little Frodo loves to wear a suit... he must get that somewhere on my side of the gene pool!

Boy's Socks

Children's socks are the bane of my existance. I found this pair of "matched" socks. Apparently blue and the same length is good enough. Any men out there reading this.... do these *really* match?

Round Bales

Everyone, even the dog likes to be up on the round bales.

Little boys can be so doggone cute...

Hopeless Romantic

My husband is a *hopeless* romantic... note the stress on hopeless! (*snicker*) He went out of town for a very long couple of days and this is what he brought back for me. I really do think it makes an improvement though. My children would probably think the Hitler mustache rather appropriate too.

One size fits all.

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