October 18, 2008

Thank You Bishop Morlino

It is very easy to see this earthly life as only a Vale of Tears, as indeed it is! However there is much hope to be had. We have been very blessed in our Diocese.

On October 11th, the Feast of the Maternity of Our Lady, there was a horrific article against our Bishop and the holy priests of our diocese. (Praytell, if "Catholics" don't like the teachings of the Catholic Church then why stick around?!) Within days an e-group in support of our Bishop was rallied. It was a reminder to me of how much we need to be grateful for our Bishop who has provided us with the Traditional Latin Mass, something not all Bishops are willing to do.

On Saturday, October 18th, the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, a lovely article was in the paper in preparing the way for an advertorial in Support of our Bishop.

On Sunday October 19th, a paid advertorial was in the paper. This was a public letter of thanks to our Bishop.

On October 26th, there will be a prayer Vigil to pray for our Bishop and priests.
Priesthood Sunday Prayer Vigil- October 26th, 1 pm
St Patrick Catholic Church
404 East Main Street
Madison, WI

We need to remember to pray for our Bishop and our holy priests who are so willing to lay down their lives for the good of the people and uphold the Traditional Teachings of Our Holy Faith. But also remember to pray for the priests who have slid away from the *true* teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

I'll take an extra moment here to specifically thank the good and holy priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest: Fr. Faustino, Fr. Miguel, Fr. Jared, and Fr. John who continue, in spite of much criticism, to joyfully bring the Faith to the people. I simply could not say enough good things about these priests who are ever so dedicated to the Catholic Church.

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