October 19, 2008

Sung Traditional Latin High Mass

On October 12th, one of our most exceedingly incredible priests (to which we have 4) celebrated the First Latin High Mass at our parish in some 50 years, give or take a decade.

We had 9 altar boys who did a splendid job after months of practice.
There were about 12 people plus a choir of angels or two and a truly talented and enjoyable organist. One of our choir members recorded the Mass and put it on YouTube! Enjoy!

Part I - The End of the Most Holy Rosary Through the Asperges
Processional Hymn: "Hail! Queen of Heaven" Dr. Lingard
Asperges Me

Part II - The End of the Asperges Prayers Through the Gloria
Mass of the Angels Kyrie and Gloria

Part III - Collect Through the Beginning of the Sermon
22nd Sunday after Pentecost

Part IV - Sermon Through Credo
Continuation of the Sermon
Credo III

Part V - End of the Credo Through Offertory and Incensing
Offertory Hymn: "Ave Verum Corpus" W.A. Mozart

Part VI - Preface Through Consecration Prayers
Mass of the Angels Sanctus

Part VII - Consercration Prayers Through Communion
Mass of the Angels Agnus Dei
First Communion Hymn: "Panis Angelicus" Fr. Lambilotte
Second Communion Hymn: "Ave Maria" Jacques Arcadelt

Part VIII - Communion Through Salve Regina
Third Communion Hymn: "Adoramus Te Christe" Dubois
Salve Regina
Recessional Hymn: "Holy God We Praise Thy Name"


(sorry my pictures didn't turn out very good!)

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