October 29, 2008

Flower Girl

Aragorn's brother is getting married in a little over 2 weeks! Eleanor is a flower girl so yesterday we tried on her garb.

When preparing a family of 11 for a wedding, there is something extremely lop-sided:

Mom's Plan:
Carefully laid out in a notebook or binder in chart format with checkmark boxes after many hours of careful planning as to what time we have to leave, when and where to dress 9 children, will we need to stop for a bathroom break, when and where do we eat breakfast and lunch...
Aragorn: Suit Coat, Shirt, tie, PANTS, belt, shoes, socks........
Aragorn's Wife: Skirt, Shirt, shoes, socks...........
3 Girls: Dresses, Shoes, Socks, Brush, Poo-boos (what to do with that hair?)......
1 Flower Girl: Dress, Shrug, Shoes, Socks, Gloves, Basket (what to do with that hair?).........
2 Big Boys: Suit Coats, Shirts, Ties, PANTS, belt, shoes, socks, brush..........
3 Little Boys: PANTS, Shirts, Bowties, Caps, Shoes, Socks........
Diaper Bag (restocked)
Tissues !!
Books on Tape
Mapquest Maps
Gift for Bride and Groom
Double check for PANTS (yes, indeed, I did forget a pair of pants for the ring bearer for one wedding!)
Dad's Plan:
"My wife set out my suit, need to shave, got my car keys and the GPS, what else is there?!"

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