October 17, 2008


Well, Trinity Acres has now *finally* updated to the 21st century and has DSL. It's rather a pathetic story. We live on this 1000 foot long strip that doesn't get DSL. We had DSL installed right up to the basement door but alas the *computer* at Verizon wouldn't let us have it because we were "out of range" even though the *man* came and tested it. For months this went on. Man said yes, computer said no. And believe it or not, no man can override a computer.... incredible!

Finally we came up with the brilliant idea to ask our neighbors *who have DSL* if we could put in a 2nd line (or whatever it is) and use a wireless router. They were all for it and so was Verizon. However the kindly old gentleman who originally tested our DSL line came back. I asked if he was going to install it in the neighbor's shed "Nope, no one told me anything about a shed. You have the line here, right?" he said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Yes, sir."

And Finally today we actually have a DSL connection. It's not yet on my computer but will be shortly. I'm enjoying my last sentimental minutes multi-tasking with slow dial-up. I've heard rumor that it's 12 times as fast as what we have now. Wow.

Now to get my ancient computer updated so I can make those cute smiley faces rather than these :) sideways things... priorities, priorities!

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