November 9, 2008

Here's the Answer

I was reading Divine Intimacy and found the answer to the question about how to explain the election.

"But, in the midst of all this good, the enemy comes to sow evil. Why does God permit this? To sift His servants as we sift grain, to test them. ... The cockle is spared, not because it is good, but in order save the wheat. In the same way God spares the wicked and does not destroy them, for the sake of the elect....[God] does not tell us to fraternize with evil, to make a league with the cockle, but He tells us to endure it with the longanimity (long suffering I believe) with which He Himself endured it. Was there not a traitor among the Apostles? Yet Jesus wanted him among His intimates -- and with how much love He treated him! ... When our love is perfect, we are able to live among the wicked without being harsh or contentious, without being influenced by them, but rather doing them good."
general google image
This is cocklebur growing up between the rows of corn. Even here at Trinity Acres we suffer from that blight! Nasty stuff!
True Love and True Charity doesn't allow for compromise or letting evil get it's way, yet, at the same time, we must love our enemies as Christ. *phew* Now there is a lesson to learn.
When Jesus told St. Teresa of Avila, "Teresa, that's how I treat my friends" Teresa responded, "No wonder you have so few friends."
Let's hope we are some of His elect (not the elected haha).


  1. Very good! There is a lesson to be learned it seems.

  2. I'm going to link this on my blog, this is very good.