November 7, 2008

What About the Children?

One of the main things I hear mothers (including myself) saying about the election are the reactions from their children. Mostly sobbing. What do we tell our children after they offered sacrifices for the pro-life movement, many helped in campaigns, said novenas and rosaries, etc...? How do we explain that God has allowed this to happen?

The only answer and an answer we must explain to our children is that we know God heard all our prayers, he saw the hours spent in devout Adoration (or in my case highly distracted Adoration), He saw our efforts to bring about the better candidate for the sake of the sacredness of human life but we must remember that His Will be done and our wills are not always conformed entirely to His and if He sees fit to give us more suffering for the sake of our union with Him, then in some way, unknown to us at this time, it is in our best interest. He will never abandon us. Have faith, persevere and become a better soldier of Christ! All for the greater honor and glory of God!

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