November 27, 2008


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The rehearsal took place at this beautiful church. This used to be our parish for some 10 years so it was wonderful to be able to go back and visit with the priest there!


The rehearsal dinner took place at this restraunt.

We were in a private room, isn't it cute?

The food was absolutely delicious. Broiled and Fried Fish and all the works to go with it!

I do like to eat out and it's a rare thing for a mother of 9. I took the oldest 6.

I had failed to train the children in the fine art of eating out in real restraunts. We got there and there was a big salad at each place. Frodo says "What?! This is all there is for dinner?!"


We had some sick children so we set up an infirmery in the back of the van in case anyone needed to nap during the wedding. We were a little worried that the flower girl wasn't going to bear any flowers but it all worked out.

The van converted to a dressing room!

The wedding took place at this beautiful little Church.

The altar was beautiful!

The stained glass windows were gorgeous, this picture doesn't do them justice.

This picture turned out a little dark. It was of the priest showing my 2 oldest boys the ropes as they were to serve at the Altar. I included it because I liked the way the side Tabernacle lit up.

Dolled up Flower Girls

Not the most flattering picture in the world but Galadriel and Eowyn passing out the lovely programs, which included the entire TLM so it was easy to follow along... if you don't have a pile of children on your lap! :)
Pippin not feeling too good.

The Wedding Party

Welcome to the Family!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girls

The Car. I wonder who came up with the idea of decorating cars for weddings!

Eleanor's Flower Girl Hair, gotta love her curls!
I have to say this was an absolutely beautiful reception and what food!!!

The cake. Somehow I missed the cutting! But I did get to eat some and it was delicious!!

There was so much food it was glorious! The appetizers were so good... well, everything was.

Pippin was miraculously cured of whatever ailed him once he got hold of the heavenly truffles that were the party favors. The were soooo good. So good I googled where to find them! The Chocolate Shoppe. They are on my wish list believe me! I favored the milk chocolate ones, Pippin things chocolate is chocolate no matter how dark or light. I wish I had thought to collect all 11 boxes of those delicious truffles since it wouldn't be good for children's tummies ;) but I didn't think quickly enough and no one wanted to donate theirs to a needy mother.

Everything was just gorgeously set up.

Funny we were at the largest table in the room! :) And our number was 9, how appropriate.

Such a cute couple.

I had failed again to teach the children about fine dining when there are several, forks, spoons, knives so I see Merry opted for his fingers!

The flowers were beautiful.

Sighhh.... aren't they lovely? I have gotten the very special privilege of having attended all the weddings (so far) of Aragorn's various brothers marrying off.

Sam and Frodo attempting to drink with refinement.

Gussied up for the dance!

These two definitely get the prize! *snicker*

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