January 9, 2009

The Case of the Missing Chicken Eggs SOLVED

I was getting a little weary of Sam feeding the chickens three times a day for us to be getting only 2 eggs a week out of some 30 or so chickens. I had heard it all "There isn't enough light" "It's too cold" "They are molting" "There must be weasels or snakes about" None of which I believed could leave us with only 2 eggs a week from so many chickens. Well, sure enough today as Sam went to feed the chickens a little earlier than usual, he catches our dog sneaking out of the chicken house with 2 eggs in his mouth. *snicker* He was sneaking in through the outside fence and into the chicken house and stealing the eggs. The chickens must have decided not to complain since the dog ate the eggs and left them alone. I sometimes wonder if we should forget this idea of animals at our place. We have been outsmarted by a pig, by our ponies and now by the dog. I think I will forget the idea of getting chinchillas again as I would be very upset to be outsmarted by a rodent.

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