January 18, 2009

Chess for Dummies

Aragorn's brother and wife came over to take the children out cross country skiing. Being the sensible person I am I stayed inside where it was warm. Merry and Pippin decided to play chess. As I lay reclined on the couch I was amazed that they knew how to set up the chess board, they are only 2 and 4.
I was further amazed that they knew how to move the little horseys. I haven't yet ventured to play chess with my children... I'm still a sore loser. But when I grow up I'm certainly not going to play with my 2 or 4 year old.

The game begins to get a bit animated.

If you are a Narnia Fan you may remember when Reepicheep was playing chess aboard the Dawn Treader (I believe) when suddenly the chess game became his real battle. This is what happened here.
Victory! However in this game one can capture the king and the battle is still on.

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