January 27, 2009

Mother's Helpers

Galadriel and Eowyn are finally old enough to be real mother's helpers and I came up with this brilliant idea to loan them out for the day to a mother who I thought would enjoy getting something done while her littles were occupied by a bit of real help (no, don't bother asking, you can't have them, I'm counting down the minutes til they get home). Surprisingly our day went fairly well, however as time for dinner preparation arrived I just sort of stood there. I had to make dinner all by myself, well, let's give the boys some credit, they did grind some cheese and chop some lettuce. Sigh.... it's so lonely with only 9 people in our house.

That said, the bicker level dropped significantly today................

1 comment:

  1. They were a WONDERFUL help! It was a great day- everyone loved having them here! Thank you so very much, Julie!