January 18, 2009

Swimming Day

What do you do on one of the coldest days of the year? Our homeschooling group takes the children swimming. I kid you not it must have been 100 degrees in the pool room and it was -35 below zero windchill outside. I couldn't resist a picture with Bilbo in his swimsuit and winter boots.

Rosie ready to jump in the pool.
I had left my camera in the car and so I couldn't get a clear picture for a while til cold met humidity and made friends.

Merry preferred the railing but eventually ventured out.

My favorite bread lover. :)

Galadriel taking Bilbo for a dip.

Bilbo was forever trying to get to the pool edge. M.... don't get your socks wet *snicker*

Ooooooh, gotta love them baby blues. Yeah, they are irresistable.

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