January 22, 2009

CPSIA & Wholesomewear

With the new CPSIA laws going into effect, many small businesses will suffer. One such company is the wonderful company Wholesomewear that I recently posted about. They sell beautiful modest swimwear for children. Because they are having trouble finding the CPSIA General Conformity information for the zippers, all the swimsuits for children 12 and under have to go by February 10th. Support this wonderful business by taking these off their hands! They are having a 50% clearance sale on Girls and Child Sizes and still discounted women's sizes. Their price changes are to appear soon. I am only one of their customers I'm not their advertising agent but I'm glad to advertise for them.

(just how many children do you know who got lead poisoning from chewing on their zipper?)

Also, while we are at it. I have heaps and piles of Ara's Pants (Harmony Threads) that have to go as well. I haven't found out yet if I can get the CPSIA information on the *cotton* fabric.
(refraining from all sarcastic comments)

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