July 24, 2010

The Big Wristwatch Debate

One of my children was broached by someone whether he should wear his watch on his right or left hand. So we decided to consult the GQ Style Guy....
Which is the correct wrist to wear your watch on? I disagree with my friend, who says either is appropriate.
Sorry, but I think your friend is right. I believe the custom is to wear it on your left wrist if you’re right-handed and to wear it on your right if you’re left-handed. It just makes sense when you’re adjusting flywheels and throwing lariats, huh? Also, if you’re a righty and your watch is on the left, it’s going to be easier to set and wind (assuming you’re a nonquartz traditionalist). Aside from that, who cares?
But alas! I'm quite sure since this man wears his watch on his left hand that we will take his fashion guidance. The next debate is whether to wear the watch face on the top of the wrist or face on the bottom of the wrist as this man does......

But wow! Watches have come a long ways... did you know there is a Nerd Watch Museum?

Your basic all in one media center.
Ummmm.... Is that the light version of morse code?

Watch... in .... stereo?

Television watch for the desperate. Can't leave home without it. The only thing it can't do is tell time.

That looks painful.
You always know exactly when and where you have to be, complete with 3 clocks, a compass and other.... devices.

Where's the watch?!

Dial telephone watch. I think you call in to find out what time it is.
Be careful not to put this one on backwards.

How do you put this one on?

Me? Just gimme a plain ol' Swatch Watch!
My question is: Do you remove your watch in the summer so as not to have a white band around your wrist?

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