July 17, 2010

Pumpkin Update

The biggest pumpkin in the patch is now 83" around. (mind you , it was 58" around just 2 days ago).

These are some of the duds, the runts of the litter.
***Clarification: I was referring to the pumpkins not Bilbo and Poppy! They are there for size effect!***

Not a great picture but this is one of Poppy's antics, she stands on the moulding to get a better view out the window.

Just watching another storm rolling in. This one just kept rolling by. The storms that hit us of course were at 2am.

Poppy gets a thrill out of Bilbo's hair. Galadriel (and the rest of us) found it wildly funny... Bilbo didn't.

But just the same they are 2 peas.... on a chair.

I was not here for this event. But the story is Frodo caught this bird after he (the bird) hit the side of the house and fell in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Garden.

Bloomin' Lilies!

Pippin gets a ride on the Sam boat.


Are you wearing your brown scapular? Read about this beautiful devotion at Fisheaters
I greatly admire the people at Catholic Cuisine who have the most amazing food to celebrate special feast days. Be sure to check them out!

When you can't make these beautiful and incredible "scapular cookies (to which I could not even cut them that straight nevermind decorate them so beautifully). You take drastic measures to celebrate....

and are satisfied with Brown Donut Holes from the Piggly Wiggly.

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