July 11, 2010

punkins and slides

Knee High to a Giant by the 4th of July
Weeding between the giant pumpkins is quite a feat.

This is suppose to turn into a giant squash, I have no idea what kind.

Door Mat #1

This is currently the biggest pumpkin yet, however these pics were taken on either Thursday or Friday and they have since grown ridiculously since so no matter how quickly I get the pictures up they are obsolete.

This evening the girth was 43" the next morning it was 47"

White cloth... or in this case a white tee-shirt... is thrown over the punkins to keep them from cracking from the sunshine.

The supposed giant tomato bush (are they bushes?)

Giant headed sunflowers. I'm not sure exactly what that means but I'm sure I'll find out eventually.
The poor-tasting-giant-watermelon is also expaning it's girth. I'm not sure what the length of this one is.

Frodo weeding out cockle burs.
Yes, indeedy, Poppy has a tuft of hair.

1/2 of us went to a great graduation party.

They had a great waterslide.

Then Pippin gave me the scare of a lifetime and was about 3 seconds from drowning. JW is my hero. This is sub-dued Pip. He was quite shaken for 1 hour when he got his dare-devilishness back.

This is one delectible boy.

That is our usual swimming spot

Bilbo tries the slide, he took the slow ride creeping along on his hind quarters.

I love these big boys!

Don't ask me what he was doing but I am sure if I tried this feet-feat I'd be in physical therapy for a month.
This is my dainty-grubby #10 baby that came after 3 boys in a row.
And just what would you do with a flip flop... tasty indeed.

Ooooh.... garbage! "I love trash... anything dirty of dingy or dusty, anything ragged or rotten or rusty..." (as Ocar the Grouch would sing) I'm sure that dress will never be the same again.

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