July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Bilbo enjoying the pool.

Anyone know what kind of bird this is? We saw it in Kansas City.


This entire park was flooded, this was not a lake.


Last time over the Mississippi. I guess we had been "out west and down south"

Having spent the first 7 years of my life growing up on the Mississippi I have a fondness still for it.

M for.............

I really would like an explanation of that!
I really couldn't have left this t-shirt on the shelf.

Last night we enjoyed a spectacular display of fireworks all set to music. The pictures didn't turn out at all. But you get the idea. They were huge and this was from, probably, 5 miles away.
Happy Fourth of July and may God change the hearts of our government officials and truly bless America.

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  1. fyi: KC is ONLY 90 minutes from me!

    according to wikipedia:
    Platte Mound M.
    The largest celebration by UW–P students is the twice-annual lighting of the Platte Mound M. The "M" is located on Platte Mound, a nearby large hill east of the city of Platteville.[7] It is the largest single-letter non-cursive "M" in the world.[citation needed] It was created in 1936 by mining students, with the "M" standing for mining. Today, because mining engineering is no longer offered in the curriculum at UW–P, the "M" is now maintained by some UW–P faculty members and the local chapter of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity. Once a year, the "M" is whitewashed (not painted) to make it stand out. This used to be an all-engineering-students event, with the "M" being whitewashed using many buckets passed from student to student, followed by a cookout on the back patio of the engineering building. During the university's annual homecoming in the fall and after the "Miner's Ball" (also called "M-Ball") or after graduation in the spring, the "M" is lit by means of cans with a small amount of kerosene and a wick. The lit "M" can be seen for miles and is a popular event for local photographers. Also, once a year another group, Sigma Phi Epsilon, lights the "M" with the cans set up in a heart shape called the "Burning Heart."