July 24, 2010

I Scream

Wee little sunflower
Ice Cream


Poppy says just a few "words" besides mama: nana means she wants to nurse, na when she wants a drink, a-nah when she wants to eat something and dat when she wants "that", in this case ice cream.

I scream.
Actually, he wasn't screaming he said, "Mommy, check my teeth!" Ok, so I have a dental phobia so I check their teeth rather frequently.
Spoiled baby really doesn't need any ice cream.

I really never knew chewing the bottom off an ice cream cone and sucking the innerds out was genetic.

Not much of a lap there, kiddo!
Poppy checking out the kiddie pool, first of course was to remove the hose.

Nice water.

The High Jump.

Poppy spent the day trying to keep the 3 stooges in line. At one point Pippin was squatting in front of Poppy and popped her in the tummy. Poppy instantly sized up the situation took both her hands put them on his knees and pushed him over. I am so glad I finally have someone who can tend to these boys. Now if she would just walk a little faster.

My little lady.

Nothing like a little grassy baby.

I've got this walking thing down to a science.
As I was taking pictures off the camera I came across the following.
The story goes that Bilbo had been playing in the muffler of his uncle's truck. I am going to secretly mention that I really like it when these things happen when I am not at home. It really is good for the dad to experience a little of my world. Not too much of course, as men can't take the stress for long....
You shoulda seen the other guy!


  1. The photos of the two littlest ones are just precious. They brought back memories of mine. I laughed through out. Thanks

  2. Oh yuck - playing in a truck's muffler! I hope no one got sick.