November 5, 2010

21st Century Martyrs

We are very blessed in our diocese to have some of the best priests I have ever known. And the best part? Our Bishop supports them! Our priests seem to be what I would call 21st century martyrs as they try to bring Catholicism to the local Catholic churches. Imagine that.... teaching Catholicism in their Catholic parishes! Because they follow what the Church actually teaches, as opposed to the malarkey we've been presented with for the past 1/2 a century, they have been accused of a great many things. All of them false, greatly exaggerated or twisted. I really cannot resist posting a link to a beautiful letter that our Bishop wrote.... yes a Bishop, a US Bishop! Although the allegations against the priests are absurd, the response was excellent, charitable yet firm.

Bishop Morlino's Letter

Please pray for both the parishioners as well as for our priests.... and our Bishop!

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