November 15, 2010

Seasoned Mothers

As a mother of many and of only 2 younger-teens, I value the thoughts, opinions and experience of other mothers..... seasoned mothers. You know, the kind that don't say "Life is a bowl of cherries and this is the pits." that don't say, "You just wait, it gets worse." I have waited and now I have 2 younger-teens and I still like them! But I still hear, "Well, just wait til they are 16." Bridget, at Our Magnum Opus, is one of my favorite seasoned mothers. In this article she mentions she loves having a 17 year old. HOPE! So it isn't all hopeless afterall! There is a way to raise up-standing teens. You mean they don't have to be like that typical teen?! When I grow up, I want to be just like Bridget. Of course, it is likely I might not grow up but... there is hope.


  1. Your too kind. I'm embarrassed. But, truly the teen years are wonderful! They are good people and good friends. By the grace of God...

  2. I am with you. Teens are wonderful!!! And Bridget is a treasure...