November 19, 2010

Misc Pics

I guess we were having such a good time with our guests we didn't get many pictures. Here the bigger kids playing a game called Catan.
One of many buffets which is how we handled all our meals during our x-large family days.

One of our cabinet doors broke off and you will never believe this but NOBODY drew a smiley-face person on the door with Elmer's glue. NOBODY. I'm afraid we might have a ghost.... named NOBODY.... or a very talented mouse.

The abominable snow baby..... minus the snow which we have not gotten any of yet. I believe I'm the only local eager for snow.

We have a never-ending kitchen story going on. We are simply trying to move our "work-portion" of our kitchen to the other side of the wall where we used to have our laundry room and pantry. Well, I won't bore you with all the delays. But Aragorn is building an... "old-fashioned oven" (Rosie), a "clay oven" (Frodo) and "I don't know oven" (Aragorn)... call it what you will, it's like those stone oven things you see in some restraunts and they use one of those long wooden paddles to take things out of (a paddle oven?) It is obviously not finished yet (but this may be as finished as it gets). Galadriel was baking some homemade bread in it to be tasted at dinner. We did a trial the other day but it was made by Aragorn's idea of a recipe which is "a little of this a little of that, is the consistency right?" method (I am wondering if there is a GPS for cooking for men) But although the flavor was a bit.... interesting.... the crusty-crust was incredible.

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