November 8, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I'm a little behind in posting some pictures..... so here goes.
This is the beginning of the pumpkin parade.

The rest of the parade.

Aragorn taking the lid off the pumpkins.

I'm not sure why this is sideways when it didn't even need to be rotated but I don't ask too many computer questions. I just want to be sure that if you decide to make a Fluffernutter that you know that you cannot use natural peanut butter, it goes very poorly with fluff. But for a really good Fluffernutter you need a really good not-so-good peanut butter... oh and you can't use homemade bread, you need cheap white bread. Please don't violate the Fluffernutter with wheat bread either. It's very important to do this right. I think I wasn't very bright as a child because I remember once we were out of peanut butter to go with the fluff so I substituted jelly. It was really terrible, even my dog wouldn't touch it. (no.... we do not eat fluffernutters on a regular basis.... actually, this was the first time the children had tried one, I think)
Seeing Skippy peanut butter did anyone start to sing M-I-C---K-E-Y MOUSE?

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