November 21, 2010

Baking Challenge

Over cyber-yonder, Lady Modesty is sponsoring a Baking Challenge. Since we like to bake we decided we would like to try! The $100 Panera gift card for the winner was mighty tempting, too! Just to give a quick synopsis, each week she will post 5 choices from the Farmer's Wife's Baking Cookbook (found everywhere)... so yes... you need the cookbook. You choose 1 to make. One recipe a week, that can't be too difficult. Submit a picture (very easy for a blogger) and voila! 52 recipes later....... we celebrate at Panera.... maybe.... or we just think with envy about the person who is celebrating at Panera! :D

We made the Good Sugar Cookie recipe found on page 16.

These cookies are a nice soft sugar cookie with crispy edges, spiced with cinnamon and cloves. They remind me very much of the sugar cookies my NY Grandma used to make. Anyway, these were delicious and I think they would be perfect with some hot apple cider or cranberry hot drink. Aragorn's reaction was "They are like a pancake." chuckle We made a single batch. I forgot how small a single batch is! We only got 15 big cookies. For the ordinary size family that is about 4 cookies each, in our size family that is a 1-1/4 cookie teaser.

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