November 17, 2010

Support Our Priests

I received yet another letter about our priests, our good, holy and saintly priests. Priests who are making changes in the Church to try and bring Catholics to a greater sense of holiness. Of course given Catholics today who have had the last 1/2 a century of brainwashing into a horizontal theology, as we the people and the mediator between God and man is no longer really needed except to be our buddy, is resiliant to any form of true spirituality.

You may read the article in full HERE but I will highlight a few of the points (because if you are like me you really can't stand just a blind link that you don't know what you are going to and whether it is worth the time)

In case you are not aware, our Bishop and three Priests have come under some rather severe public criticism. It all began when our Bishop brought in three Priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest to serve the needs of St. Mary's Parish in Platteville. The immediate reaction among many, even before the Priests arrived, was that this was not going to work. This kind of predisposition is certainly uncharitable. Almost predictably, after a few months during which these Priests and our Bishop were treated to a barrage of public criticism, even scorn, donations in Platteville have dropped in half.
You will be happy to know that our local Knights are rallying to the support of their Priests, their Bishop and their beloved parish school. I attended their last council meeting and found Knights discussing ways in which they could publicly express their support for their Priests as well as raise funds to help their Catholic school. They are dedicating the funds from their next two breakfasts to the support of the school, which is in desperate need of funds to continue through the remainder of this school year.
After the meeting one of the Knights took me to view their sanctuary. I had noticed how beautiful it looked before the meeting but I did not know the history. He told me that the beautiful area behind the altar, with the two statues, the "spires" pointing heavenward, and the ornate tabernacle were all placed there by the new Priests. ............. Unfortunately, this change was met with great resistance among many in the parish.
Another change that was met with perhaps even greater resistance was to move to bolster priestly vocations by declaring that all altar servers must be boys.
Please pray that the people of Platteville will have their hearts and minds opened to understand the gift they are being given.
With three Priests, they have been able to add Masses to the regular schedule. There is now an opportunity for masses in Latin daily and a Mass in Spanish, the native language of these Priests, on Sunday. Even this is being criticized. Also, with three priests, they no longer have a need for extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Of course, you guessed it, more criticism, even though our Church is clear that extraordinary ministers are to be used only when the extraordinary (not ordinary) need exists.
So read HERE for the full article.
The Knights are collecting money to help keep the school open, if you would like to donate please click on the article. Or I just received this nifty widget from one of the priests.... (let's see if I can handle this)

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