March 12, 2011

Just Misc Stuff

Another farewell to our little Chliean friend, a beautiful young lady. We hope to say, "Hola" again soon......... enough.
But for now it's "AY-dee-os" as they say in True Grit.

You can dress Poppy up but you can't take her out and expect her to be dainty and delicate.

I shudder to imagine the consequences if I slept like that!
We had the thickest heaviest snowfall I can remember. It only ended up being about 5 inches or maybe a little more, hard to say but it made right up into some handy snowmen.

Everything we so very pretty.

So what did you do on Friday night? I watched Aragorn fly home from California. He had been gone all week long. I survived a week as a single mother.... the children's survived too. We're having t-shirts made....
After a while we took a break (from that tedious job) and went to Stations of the Cross. We got there a little early in case the priest needed altar boys. In about 2 minutes, Pippin closed the little booklet and said, "I'm finished!" It was a long 10 minutes til Stations began but then he actually was the best I can remember.... aside from a bit of running out of the church... in a state of forgetful-where-he-was-ish-ness. *phew* If you have Stations of the Cross locally for Lent, take advantage of this beautiful devotion.

WOOOOHOOO - we are official members of the Giant Pumpkin Growers Association. In today's mail came a newsletter and numberous packets of seeds from very big pumpkins, watermelons, gourds, squashes..... We forgot to get ours together to donate to the group, but maybe next year. So there are computer geeks and there are pumpkin geeks. I think so long as we are part of the geek squad in some fashion we'll do alright...
Yesterday we picked up a little indoor greenhouse thingie and some pots so we can start growing something or other on the large size. Last year our pumpkin podner started them on April 21st (easy date to remember....) we'll have a family forum at dinner to decide when we'll start ours....

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