March 13, 2011

Mail Order Addiction

In order to curb my mail order addition one small thing I am doing for Lent is not buying anything unnecessary (goes for stores too but I try to avoid stores). Of course with a family our size there are always exceptions like I had to buy Easter/wedding garb (BTW JCPenny is having a great sale right now and on top of it you can also apply a coupon code VIPRATES and get an additional 20-30% off, I was able to buy suits/shirts for all the boys at 1/2 price.) and then there is what to put in the Easter baskets, yes we do Easter baskets.... just not the bunny thing. Come on! It's fun! But my purpose here is not to belly ache about how I need to curb my materialism but that I just ran across an absolutely beautiful on-line store (and I'm not belly aching how I have to *wait* to order a single thing....!!)

Check this out! Catholic Embroidery! And be sure to note there are many Sacred Heart items much to my delight. They have aprons, Baby Baptismal Bibs, pre-made missal covers and ever so much more. Beautiful stuff!

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