March 19, 2011


Although I didn't post timely about St. Joseph, he was adequately honored on his Feast Day yesterday. We started the day with our Children's Choir singing for a Low Mass with Music (TLM). They did a lovely job. My favorite was the singing of the Litany of St. Joseph after Mass was over but before the Recessional Hymn.

Afterwards we had a St. Joseph's Altar buffet. The tradition of St. Joseph's Altars began in Sicily after a major drought. Their crops were destroyed and people were starving. They prayed to St. Joseph who honored their prayers. To thank him they set up St. Joseph's Altars (Tables) to share their abundance. The first time I saw this was in our former parish in Illinois. They set up absolutely brilliantly beautiful St. Joseph's Altars over the years! Since our children's choir was singing a friend of mine suggested we set one up.

Ours was one of those cases of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes meals that started out as what I described would be like a "continental breakfast" but grew into a full sized brunch. We have very generous people around here who like to celebrate and eat!

To my delight some even brought the fancy pretty breads.

Of all pictures to decide to go side-ways. This statue I found at a St. Vincent's store just before we were going to get married so I gave it to Aragorn for his birthday that year. It is all wood and very lovely.

Due to the amount of food we needed... I kid you not... 4 more long buffet tables. And here I thought we had set up a large table by putting 2 together.

The lamb bread was delicious and aren't those heart cookies adorable? Must be melted candies inside, they were like stained glass windows.

A Sacred Heart bread
One of our wonderful priests. And because you never know these days, the priest is the one in the cassock (hahaha)
We had quite a crowd. We would guess somewhere between 75 and 100 people.

I am not sure why Bilbo took great delight in this. He bit off the end of a hollow chocolate egg and kept sticking it on his nose. chuckle

This is the St. Joseph statue in the church where we sang. This and the statue of Our Lady were added by one of our priests last year.
abrupt change of topic

One of our kitties had a tragedy. This one was missing for 5 or 6 days when the boys heard her meowing in the dumpster. They found she had a string tightly wrapped around here leg. We have been tending to it very carefully but are waiting to see if we will have a 3 or 4 legged kittie :(

This week's picture of Poppy and the stolen bread.

This week I received a present in the mail, much to my delight. A lovely bracelet for St. Patrick's Day. THANK YOU!!!
The geese are laying eggs and of all things we have good friends who think these are delicacies.

Boys do sit down once and a while.

Poor Poppy. She has decided that this was the time of her life in which she should misbehave in church. So we've been making sure she sits still during Rosary.
It's a very difficult time of life.... as you can see... and as she would like to to see.
The dog very kindly brought us a muskrat.
I would like to know if we have porcupine here as I was sure I saw one go across the road the other day. It looks like they don't come this far "south". And no I didn't imagine it, I stopped the car and watched it walk across the road. But perhaps it was just a muskrat with a bad hair day.... it looked to me like quills.

Picture taken from space . com.
We had it all planned out to go see the Supermoon. We even had a clear night for it. But it just didn't happen. *snap*
Please sir.... I want some... more....
This week for my SILs cooking challenge we made the Rockin' Rice Pudding. I don't care for zest so we skipped the orange zest and I didn't have a vanilla bean so I added in 1/4 tsp of Vanilla Extract at the very end instead. Well, if the truth be known, I also didn't have the Arborio Rice so I used regular White Rice. This was very easy to make and even when neglected several times during the "frequently stir" part, it still cooked up beautifully. And it tasted absolutely delicious! This is a keeper!

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