March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I cannot think of St. Patrick's Day without thinking of my grandma who was quite devoted to St. Patrick and passed away on his feast day. May she rest in Peace.

Interestingly there used to be thousands of Sequences for various saints in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to which there are only about 5 or 6 that were not eliminated due to abuse before the Council of Trent, people started to invent their own. I suppose these innovative sequences that got out of hand would have been something like Bilbo's description of himself to Ol' Smaug. So Holy Mother Church limited the Sequences to very special Feasts. But my partner in crime with our Children's Choir has a true gift for finding music. She was able to track down the old Sequence to St. Patrick. If you would like the music (Gregorian Chant of course) email me. But here are the words in English, click on the links for the stories that are ever so fascinating. The stories are taken from the Life and Acts of St. Patrick by Bishop Jocelin. There are many more than what I highlighted below from the Sequence. You can also find it in PDFormat HERE.

Sequence of St. Patrick
Joyful is the light of this day's feast, whereon Patrick, the man of God, ascended to Heaven!
When yet in the early dawn of life, the holy youth devoutely venerated the cross of Christ.
He made the sign of the Cross on the ground; a fount gushed forth upon the spot, and with its waters he gave sight to one born blind.
He turned water into honey, and by it restored his nurse to health.
He was led captive by pirates, and was made keeper of swine; but the Saint found a piece of glittering gold, and with it bought his freedom.
For three days did Satan harass him with bodily injuries; but Elias healed him, and gave him back his strength.
His soul was vigorous in grace, and like Moses, he restrained his body from vices by fasting.
He ascends a high mountain, and there he fasts. He throws ice upon a fire, and it burns as though it were wood.
He puts himself under the care and teaching of Germanus, and studies under him the maxims of the Gospel.
Pope Celestine, by a divine inspiration, sends him to teach salvation to the people of Hibernia.
The thief, that had stolen a goat, was discovered by its bleating; and he and his family were punished with a severe scourge.
A man had covered himself with a cloth, and asked to be restored to health. He was first punished with real death, and was then restored to life by Patrick's prayer. and the man's repentence HERE
He drew together, by his prayer, all venomous reptiles, and drove them from Hibernia's shore.
At times, he saw the heavens opened; and as he gazed above, he saw the Lord Jesus.
Our Father passed out of this world, under the guidance of Christ; and, glorious by his miracles, he was taken to the courts of Heavenly LIght.
Merciully grant unto us, O good Jesus! by his intercession, that we may enter into joy. Amen.

As my friend and I were discussing, St. Patrick is a wonderful saint for our time given all the *ccult and s*tanism going on.

This is a lovely little ditty that we also sang with our Children's Choir for funsies. If you would like a copy of the music email me.

Clonmacnoise, an old Irish Melody
Hail, glorious St. Patrick, dear saint of our isle,
On us thy poor children bestow a sweet smile;
And now thou art high in the mansions above,
On Erin's *** green valleys look down in thy love.
Hail, glorious St. Patrick! Thy words were once strong
Against Satan's wiles and an infidel throng;
Not less is thy might where in Heaven thou art;
Oh, come to our aid, in our battle take part.
In the war against sin, in the fight for the Faith,
Dear saint, may thy children resist unto death;
May their strength be in meekness, in penance, in prayer,
Their banner the Cross which they glory to bear.
Thy people, now exiles on many a shore,
Shall love and revere thee 'til time be no more;
An the fire thou hast kindled shall ever burn bright,
Its warmth undiminished, undying its light.
Ever bless and defend the sweet land of our birth,
Where the shamrock still blooms as when thou wert on earth,
And our hearts shall yet burn, wheresoever we roam,
For God and Saint Patrick, and our native home.

*** Erin go braugh = Irish for = Ireland forever
I always wondered that so I looked it up *pat=pat*

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