March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Aragorn and Pippin

Guess who got new boots and is entirely thrilled with them.
We had a hail storm... this is the pile of hail that was rolling off the roof.

Aragorn and Pippin celebrated their birthday this past week... yes, indeedy they share the day. I made the ugliest cupcakes ever, but they tasted good and I succeeded in finally making a decent batch of frosting.
However the chocolate pie, one of Aragorn's favorites, was very yummy.

Poppy says that ugly cupcakes are very tastey.

Hm.... we'll keep working on your handwriting!

Sam's giant pumkins and things.
We finally pulled out a sewing machine we bought about a year ago so we could make some curtains for the shelves under the art table. Great little sweing machine. It's a Baby Lock Maria. Just a basic machine, very easy to use, quiet and smooth running.... I guess we forgot to take a picture of the adorable fabric. Maybe one of these days.

Hm... there is indeed something wrong with this picture.

This week for the cooking challenge we made Buddy's chocolate chip cookies. These are realllllly good chocolate chip cookies, however we left out the cinnamon. You can get the recipe here.
I'm not sure where you go on a date when you actually go *out* but we very often go to Menards (after lunch). I know, we are so hopelessly romantic. This time when we went we *literally* saw a leperchaun. Unfortunately I took this with my phone and wanted to pretend I wasn't taking his picture so it is blurry. Yes, that is a *green* kilt and a cap!

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