March 13, 2011

Just Stuff

Poppy can smell sugar through a sealed package in a sealed tupperware in a sealed and locked safe. I didn't even know we had any Reeses Pieces in the house but apparently *someone* found some.
Oh, she wasn't entirely overjoyed or anything like that.

FINALLY, my dream came true and after months of complaining about the 4 geese and a duck that like to wander about the property leaving a gross trail as close to the house as possible, they were finally going to a new home over yonder by the pond.
Geese.... pond.... get it?

Well, these geese didn't get it.

They came back!!! Leaving their trail all the while. Later the boys found a nest of eggs. Such... dedicated.... geese... My suggestion was to move the nest and everything.... silly me.
Now, don't get me wrong, I loved watching the geese wandering around in the field just not close to the house and definitely not on the door stoop.

ARGH! Poppy!
We ain't had nuttin' but maggotty bread for 3 stinkin' days.
You simply can't turn around without Poppy into or onto something.... without Poppy tearing and shredding something.... without Poppy.........

Mommy! Take a pitser of me standing on my chair!

The fun baking challege we had joined came to an unexpected halt due to unforeseen circumstances but it was great fun while it lasted. But perhaps it's better it ended before Lent!!! That said my SIL started a cooking challenge which we decided to try out. We made all 3 of the choices for the cooking challege for this week. The Fettucini Alfredo was alright, pretty bland but I didn't have the fancy kind of cheese. I have a much better (but sadly misplaced) recipe that calls for Paremsan, Romano as well as white pepper and garlic so very flavorful. The Roasted Asparagas was excellent, very tasty. I didn't have the time to make the Buddy Bread Crumbs so I used Italian Bread Crumbs with Parmesan Cheese. I'm not a fan of chocolate dipped fruits but the children loved the tuxedo strawberries. I like my strawberries unadulterated!

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  1. That Poppy is so adorable! I love how she just goes after what she wants: the good stuff candy and rolls. She is just storing up extra energy for the days when she must battle her older brothers and sisters for the second helping at supper. ;)