October 7, 2011

Car, Cat and Pumpkins

 He did it... he actually brought this thing home... and it runs.
 The most aggrevating part is that I could not find a biblical quote to fit the number that was on the side of this car. I say *was* because as much as it is still on the car, it must be changed because I need some kind of biblical or something significance. Anyone have a number of choice?
 I'm trying to make some kind of religious significance out of this image.  Catholic significance that is.  Maybe this car's name is Samson.  Help me here... someone.
 No one knows what happened to our darling little baby kitty but there are some inclined to think that Poppy had something to do with this.  Read:  "I will hug him and squeeze him and...."  S/he (whatever s/he is) is still ticking away so after much crying on this particular day, hope has not been quite abandoned.... yet.  No, the kitten isn't suffering, unless one of his/her brothers/sisters jumps on him/her then s/he lets him/her have it.
 Eowyn informed me that this is our world record small sized giant pumpkin.

 Frost consumed our pumpkin plants so it's time to harvest the pumpkins.
If anyone would like squash of unusual size they are free. Pumpkins are free after... All Saint's Day.  They cook up nicely... they are just big.  They are great in breads and pies.


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