October 22, 2011

Waterslides and Gardens

A generous soul decided that she would not mind if a family of 13 invaded her time-share and enjoyed waterslides for 2 days.  I know... that does not happen very often.  (Does it ever happen?) 

The kids got a chance to ride in a shuttle bus. Being homeschooled means never riding a bus. I now want a shuttle bus to drive around.  The conversation turned to things like "this would be great, Sam won't put his long legs into the back of my seat!" Right, he will now kick you instead.  "No one will get car sick because we can look out the window no matter where we sit!"  You know, projectile vomiting will now get you in the face rather than the back of the head.    Etc....  But truly... I want one! The gas mileage is no worse than our 15 passenger van.  In one look I can see everyone.

 The waterslides were great.    Even I went on them.  Of course I didn't relish them quite as much as the kids.  This one is the "Under 12" waterslide.  So I found out when I tried to ride down this one, figuring it was my speed. 

 Poppy loved the water but it was agreed that she would stay home the second day with Galadriel.  Poppy is.... Poppy.  Those of you who know her in real life need no other explanation, those who have lived with is vicariously through this blog need no other explanation, those who are just stumbling upon us... no explanation is possible.  She's just... Poppy.  And there is a reason for that.  When she was enroute I was told by a very good and dear friend of mine that she would be the child to "keep me in line". 

 The 12 and under slide. I was at the bottom watching as Eleanor put Poppy down this slide.  Fortunately there are life guards all over the place.  Poppy did not say whether she liked the slide or not but she also did not go on it again.

 That night, the said, generous soul, took out out to Sarento's restraunt.  Being that it is 1 child eats free with every paid adult... we had 7 paid meals and 7 free meals. See?  Taking out our family is quite a deal!!  (and an ordeal)  And as you can see, our table was very long.

Chicken SarentoSautéed boneless chicken breast topped with arugula, basil, tomato, onions, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
Oh... my... goodness.... it.... was.... soooooo good. And that bowl of stuff is Risotto. Plus there were breadsticks with olive oil/paremsan/pepper.  The 7 freebies all got chicken fingers with fries. The others got things like Chicken Alfredo (one of Sam's favorite meals), Spaghetti, Lasagna... etc...

Very, very yummy!

 Even the setting was quaint... not a place a family of 13 usually goes but we loved it!

 Back to the water park and no, I am not including all 200 pictures.  If you really want to see all the pictures I'll make you a CD... haha.
 And this, was the end of the "Hurricane".  I even went on this one.... twice.  It was just like being in a hurricane.  The first time down the life guard so kindly put me going down backwards. (He was obviously an unknown enemy of mine)  I was glad that several "Hail Mary's" could be said on the way up to this hideous waterslide... no, waterslide is not the word.... My first ride down I went with Rosie.  I do not know how we did not flip over.  I vaguely remember her being straight up from my vantage point, before we were whipped around and around and around and nearly up-side-down.  My second ride was with Aragorn and a couple other kids whose faces I cannot recall as one never looks sideways in one of these, it is humanly impossible, but you do get a very absurd look at whoever was insane enough to ride down this opposite of you.

The lazy river was more my speed.  And I hear my picture was taken on another camera... fortunately for me... and you... I have not yet received these pictures.   Marigold loved the lazy river and the wave pool.

 These were some of the slides that we rode in that circled outside.

 See that odd looking thing? That is the outside of the "Hurricane" that we were inside of.  No... you cannot envision how one rides inside that. You have to experience it.  And by "have" I do not mean I recommend it.
 Eleanor in the Wave pool. Now that was the most fun I've had in a long time. I cannot remember laughing so hard. 

A couple more waterslides were in this area.

 Now I have a question, there is no doubt that we were the most dressed people in the waterpark, fortunately there were very few other people there.  I began to feel that we had forgotten something... our tattoos.  I never saw so many tattoos in all my life gathered in one area. I began to wonder if it it was Tattoo day. Buy one pass get one free... if you were tattooed.  Some where rather intriguing. I wondered if one is tattoo'd all over if that would count as clothing.  There were so many tattoos I almost thought everyone was modest.  Alright, 'fess up, do you have a tattoo?  I will boldly say, "I DO NOT"  There!


 Look who is sitting!


We spent some time with a  friend of mine working in our gardens to prepare them for spring.  I'm all about getting ready for spring. I'm all about dreaming about spring. I love spring.

It is questionable around here whether a mini-hockey stick is a garden tool.


What are the chances of a picture like this? I believe it was either Eleanor or Rosie who took the pictures this day as I deleted at least 150 pictures lest my computer explode.


A sheep in wolf's clothing...

How could I have left this at the grocery store.  I mean who else could it have been meant for?!

 We have 4 gardens we worked on.  One in honor Our Lady, one in honor of the Sacred Heart, one in honor of St. Michael (and the Guardian Angels) and one in honor of St. Francis and St. Claire of Assisi.  I will admit I LOVE statues.  I love outdoor statues. I love beautiful indoor statues. 

Our Lady's Garden had added in 2 big mums, an exisiting mum moved to a nice spot, lots of flowers I've forgotten their names were added in either the form of bulbs or stuff moved from another garden which is much better and more beautiful than mine!

The cats found the sacred scratching post.

I think climbing plants are so beautiful.  I'm not an indoor plant person, probably because neglecting plants comes naturally to me... and then I feel badly... sorta.  And no, I don't *do* plastic plants.

See those nice red berries by Galadriel's head. You aren't suppose to eat them.  And we wondered why Poppy would sometimes complain of a tummy ache.  What child wouldn't want to eat those nice pretty bright red berries?  I bet they were luscious and good for us before the fall of man.

 You know you love me. You know I'm irresistable. You know I'm wrapped right around your little finger.  You know I'm adorable dressed in monkeys. 
(my favorite part you cannot see in the picture... and although I abhor words written across someone's behind, a monkey face on a baby's backside is so doggone cute!)

Clever or what.... as soon as St. Michael's head and wing are epoxied back on he will stand upon the lower septic, covered with a brick pedestal.  The other septic will hopefully have a bird bath on it... soon as they are on sale and brought down to our price range.  Pretty clever, eh?
The Sacred Heart garden entailed cutting down very, very, very tall roses.  Wow, you never saw such tall rose... trees.

My beloved St. Claire of Assisi.  

Our Assisi Garden is huge as far as need-to-tend-to gardens go... at least from the vantage point of someone who does not have a  green thumb!

I stared at this statue everytime I went into Ace for two whole years before I finally bought him.  I liked this one because of the cute little bird in his hand.



  1. Love the pictures, but my favorite is the furry hat and bare feet on one of the boys...

  2. LOVE the baby outfit... I too love outfits like that, with animals on the feet and odd things on the butts. LOL On a baby it's cute... I don't like the handprints on the teenager's back pockets of their jeans, something wrong with that! LOL

  3. You are very bold to actually go down the slides at a water park. I think I'll just say 'no, thank you.' I just love checking in on your family. You are lovely!