October 28, 2011

Saint Movies

Anyone have a list of really good saint movies they'd like to share?  Meaning the best saint movies out there.  Either post in comments or email me.


  1. "A Man For All Seasons" (1966)
    Saint Thomas Moore

  2. Padre Pio Miracle Man with Sergio Castellitto;

    St. John Bosco: Mission to Love

    Faustina with Dorota Segda

    Mother Teresa with Oliva Hussey

    And obviously the Song of Bernadette, you are probably already aware of that one.

    The Keys of the Kingdom isn't too bad, not as good as the above IMHO
    Especially the first three above are top notch, good all around. One similar one is St. Rita and a new Therese but I didn't care for them nearly as much (had minor issues with them), so I definitely recommend the others, very safe and as far as I can tell, orthodox.

  3. The Reluctant Saint - about St. Joseph of Cupertino

    It is the best movie EVER!