October 8, 2011

Overnighter Up North


 We took a trip up north on one of the many times Aragorn has had to go up to Lake Superior for business.  The weather was perfectly beautiful, the trees were God's beautiful artistry.
 And these things still exist. 

 Since Aragorn had to work I took the children for a drive to find something to do til lunch when we'd meet Aragor. My initial idea was to take a ferry over to Madeline Island but we only had a couple/few hours.
 So we walked along a lovely sandy beach and the pictures tell the rest.

 (No, we didn't go fishing, I just thought this fishing boat was neat to look at)

 Willy Wonka's factory... aparentely every building with a smoke stack or two or three is now a chocolate factory.

 Beautiful, beautiful blue eyes...

 This was the Feast of St. Francis and on this day we wandered into the town church. It was gorgeous.
 I loved this little tribute to St. Francis.
 St. Aloysius

 Beautiful stained glass windows.
 Check out this choir loft.
 Sacred Heart and Margaret Mary stained glass window.  I love it.

 We bid, bided, bode, abode, bidded... ack...  whatever... our time for a while in the afternoon.

 Finally at the pool

 Sr. Mary Machine Gun

 When I was young we called this "style" Jeannie Babbalini.  We were .... weird.

 Yikes! We got twins!
 On our way home we stopped at this bizarre interesting cement park in honor of the veterans of war.

 We moved on to work our way toward the highest point above sea level in WI.

 For those who know me well, I need not tell you I have a fear of heights. *shivver me timbers*
 Most of my children don't.... Rosie does.
 But I did it, I climbed all the way up... with Marigold in the Ergo Pack.  I thought I was going to die, but I did it.  I did not throw up.  I did not faint.  I took these pictures... from the top of that monstrous structure.

 I even have a picture of a tattooed bald spot to prove it.  I bet you never thought to do that.

The End.

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