October 9, 2011

Fair and Party

 Marigold went to her first ever giant pumpkin weigh-off.
 Those are our 2 pumpkins... which were miniature compared to our biggest last year. 
 Preparing to weigh a pumpkin.

 This was the biggest at the fair this year weighing in at something like 1320 pounds. Wahh... it wasn't ours.
 I don't know this just struck me funny, notice the mouth on the side of the silo.  They had a couple "haunted" houses that the boys  thought were hilarious.  My "fond" memories of haunted houses as a child are not very fond.   I'm very much not into (and won't go into) one... no thanks.
 The boys got a kick out of the "magic" tricks man.  Sam enjoyed trying to figure them out. I couldn't figure them out. 

 We ended up selling the 2 pumpkins we did bring.
 We came in 9th and 10th place.... out of... haha.... 10 pumpkins HAHAHA  The biggest weighed in at only a mere 545 pounds or so.  Bummer. Better "luck" next year, eh?
 This was one of our pumpkins and it so much reminded me of .....
 Dumb Donald from Hey, Hey, Hey It's FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Albert.  The pumpkin just needed eyes.
 Our newest nephew was baptized the day after he was born so we celebrated today.  Auntie has the best dress up box.... can you tell?  There were some very pretty little ladies.

 At first I thought Marigold was just being uncooperative about her picture being taken in the end perhaps it was that cousin L had a pacifier and she didn't.

 The 3 current baby cousins... one more to come in about 6-ish weeks. YAY!

 Only Pippin!

 The little ladies were having a tea party but they were having champagne (water) instead of tea. So I said, "Oh, so you are having a champagne party?"  In a tone of  silly Aunt Julie, "No, we are having TEA party... with champagne."

We shall have our cake and eat it too.

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