October 16, 2011

Life This Week

Soap Makers

Galadriel & Eowyn made soap in science... realistically speaking they melted down plain soap and added in oats and scent.  (I love oat soap).  The kit said using lye could be dangerous so this was the alternative.  The same week on my "to buy" list from Sam was "Lye" and 2 different kinds at that.  Such is life in a one-room school house that has more children in it than Laura Ingall's school.


Of our triplet kittie-cats we now have twins. 

 Frodo's burial ground for the little blond kitty who passed on from this earthly life to... the dust.  Being that Frodo is an avid "Where the Red Fern Grows" fan, methinks he is hoping a red fern will grow up on this rather-large-for-a-kitten grave... which I read in the 2 "fern-like" leaves on the grave. 

Babies Know Their Own Minds

 So we got these little *things* that you can put a piece of ice or a strawberry or something in  for a baby to gnaw on.  Since Marigold is not on solids and she is teething (I ought to know) we let her be entertained with a piece of ice in this *thing*
 The game began because she kept dropping it and getting irate about it. 
Gravity is a baby's arch-enemy.

What?!  I'm sweet, content and loveable.  Don't look at me like it was my fault.
(that was my best summary of what she was really thinking... which I know contained language that we oughtn't ever utter)

Field Trip to the Nature Center

 After getting totally rained on just as we were to start on our nature hike, we assembled our group indoors.  It was a great "live animal" talk.
 Toads vs Frogs
 Turtles vs Tortoises

Etiquette By Poppy

(I am acceptable in Japan)
(It is acceptable to drink out of one's bowl in Japan)

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Marigold would like everyone who saw her yesterday that she isn't always a crank.  I believe she is also looking rather apologetic because she woke up around Midnight with a blood-curdling scream.  That's always a very joyful experience.  I think it would be a great joke on all my single friends to sneak in a baby-with-midnight-gas so they can have an experience of a life-time. 

Treasures with Treasures

 The 3 stooges show their treasures.
Deer Teeth... no joke.  DEER teeth.  That's disgusting! Thank you for sharing boys.

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  1. Hmmm, I was going to guess some kind of animal vertebra---that's even MORE disgusting!