March 18, 2012

Cleaning Out the Gardens

 I'd like to give a fair warning to my perfect-gardens lovers friends of mine to proceed with caution as you will see our dried up mess of gardens from last year. I don't want anyone fainting by the way. My excuse is that Marigold was born in May so the gardens suffered, but that doesn't explain the year before now does it? :) This year's summer goal is to keep the gardens nice. I can do that in March. 
 Speaking of March do you know that we slept with the windows open last night? It's March. March in the state that can get to 50 below windchill. Yeah. I was in Florida in March one year when it was 80 degrees and it was 15 below here. And we slept with the windows open. I just wanted to brag!  (let me clarify, that is we slept with the windows open last night... not the night it was 15 below) 
 Carrots!  The kids had an absolute giddy time pulling up old vegetables. Why isn't it giddy in August?
 There were raised beds of soil under all that muck.
 Excuse the construction behind the scenes. We're just a constant construction project.
 Marigold got in a battle with a tomato cage. I think the cage was winning last I checked.

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  1. I am glad I'm not the only mother who lets her children be barefoot outside. I was worrying I was a bad mama.