March 3, 2012


"Obama advisor argued kids from big families have lower IQ's"
Maybe, maybe not, but kids from big families tend to be more mature, able to think, able to handle responsibility, .... have a conscience....!  And being that we just saw a doctor (PhD) who couldn't see glasses on the end of one's nose (literally), an "IQ" doesn't overly impress me.  Come to think of it... neither does our government.  Gimme a quality kid any day over an IQ.  Try again... impress me.

(article here if you want to be bored)


  1. I heard that sort of jazz all the time in my 1970s marriage/family/sociology classes (UW-Madison). Funny, but I knew from experience even then it wasn't true: I've known LOTS of big families before & since, & almost without exception, the youngest tend to be the brightest of the bunch. An old chestnut from Old Beezlebub. Don't buy it!