March 7, 2012

The Hillbillies are Back

 Frodo:  As soon as it hits 60 degrees today I'm going to go outside without my shoes!
Mom:  I think the ground is still going to be kinda cold.
Incidentally this is why we have the 60 degree rule... because as soon as it hits 45 degrees my children think we've entered into a heat wave.
 Frodo has gotten into carving wooden spoons.  I was just overjoyed that *I* got the first one... the second one is for a mother of friends of his. 

 Eoywyn and Marigold
Do you have silly nicknames for your children. I think we have the most ridiculous.  Marigold went from Dolly to Tootsie Roll, to Putsa Wutsa. She answers to Putsa Wutsa.  What does it mean?  Only that you are the cutest little thing!  You don't want to know how the song goes haha.
 There is something adorable about a teenage boy and his baby sister.....
 .... and a teenage girl and her baby sister.
 I've never had a baby who did this at 9+ months old.  Took only 11. I'm still waiting for that little saintly child who walks around with angelic perfection and the knowledge of a little theologian.
 I do however have a few most-of-the-time neat.  Galadriel is one of them, she keeps our library in order.  Books (and mind you we have over 1,000 children's and young adult books) are color coded by subject.  This is where the 3 oldest girls have their school.
 Frodo is another neat freak (except maybe with his a few areas in his room). I think he still has every colored pencil and marker he ever got. Only he would color with all the markers in a neat row.
 I know you will find this hard to believe but so is Pippin.  He keeps his books neat and tidy, bed made and shirt tucked in.  I don't know how this fits his personality but that's alright.  This was a really neat Lenten Calendar/Path that we got from Dumb Ox.  There are quotes to memorize, sacrifices and prayers to do.  The cross stickers are for prayers, the hearts for good deeds.  The orange thing is for his workboxes to make sure he does all his school work.  I must say Pippin is a good student, he just needs to focus.... that's where the Pippin comes in.  Maybe it is partially just "boy" to randomly just flop on the floor in the middle of a math class?  Just curious.
 Rosie and Marigold.

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  1. I loved this post! I took a break to calm my mind and so glad I decided to calm it over here. Just lovely!