March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

 When all else fails, try prune juice.
 Wow.... 80 degrees
 I have no idea what Poppy is doing. 
 March 15th and we pulled out the pool.
No, we don't live in Florida.
We live where it just might snow... tomorrow!
The question went like this, "Mom! Is this a feast day?  Can we celebrate the Ides of March?" 
(Sure and tomorrow is national potato day.....)
Of course the temptation was great today as the girls were busy making chocolates for the up-coming St. Joseph Altar.
The tell tale marks on the face of Poppy indicates that she sampled what was left in the pot when all was said and done whether I gave a dispensation or not.  (Is the Ides of March a feast day?)
 Whatever it takes to keep them busy and out of trouble....
 Civilized Galadriel was drawing.
 Uncivilized Pippin was.... just Pippin....
or Don Quixote, same difference.


I was actually able to use some of my high school education today.  The midday quiz question was:
03/15/12 Q: For some of his last words, this Shakespearean character reverts to his native language, then returns to English.
Julius Caesar of course!
"Et tu Brute?"

Happy Ides of March.... if happy is the right word.... probably not for ol' Julius....

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