March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Aragorn And Pippin

 Aragorn and Pippin share a birthday.  I thought it funny they were 456.  But things just strike me funny I guess not to mention I'm one of those weird patterns in numbers people.
 I cringe to mention Pippin's food requests for the day. Breakfast:  Cereal, Lunch: Corndogs and Shell Macaroni and Cheese (I threw in some oranges to give it a little redeeming quality), Dinner:  Chicken Patties (yes, frozen ones... with ketchup....)  And for dessert a jello cake and french silk pie.  Kind of embarrassing. 
 Sharp Shooter Pippin.  I can't believe he is 6.  He's almost done with Kindergarten and one of the brighter bulbs in the box. 

 To back track a little, Frodo did the grossest thing this week... or was it last week....  He was jumping on the trampoline and got his big toe stuck in the little triangle thing (that the springs hook to).  It didn't seem broken but it hurt like crazy, was terribly bruised and he didn't like walking on it.  Suddenly one day he popped it back in place. *shudder*  He was fine after that.
 Since it was over 80 degrees and the pool was cracked, out came the slip and slide.

 The bike corral.  And that doesn't count all the broken ones piled up on a trailer ready to trade in as scrap. We had to take inventory for who needs a bike.
 Life is very rough and tiring when you have to eat what you are served.  Two is also a very difficult age.  Don't say the word p-o-t-t-y.

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