June 16, 2013

Frodo's Spoons and the Library

 Frodo enjoys carving wooden spoons. He has sold about 20 wooden spoons and given away about 10 over the last couple years since he first made me his very first one.  So he wanted to try to sell them at the farmers' market this year. 
 This Friday he went for the first time and sold 1 spoon with promised of future sales.
 I have to admit I think he does a really great job!
 He sold the big ladle spoon.  The man said he's been waiting for this kind of spoon to come out again.

 He worked on carving some spoons while he sat.
 Galadriel went with him this week. Kili spent a little time there.  If you are interested it is a great farmers' market in Our Town on Fridays from 2-6 :)
 We had a little odd library conversation in our house that made me think I was delinquent in this area of education for our children. The first conversation was with Galadriel who asked me out of the blue if libraries still have those tall shelves with books on them. I'm thinking, "They don't know what a library is like?!"  Then I realized she meant those very tall shelves with the ladder that slides along. It is Galadriel and Eowyn's dream to have a library like that some day.  Incidentally our little library has no ladder... I'm sure.

So I thought each Friday I bring Frodo and his helper to the Farmer's Market (Sam intends to go during crop season and hopefully sell some produce...)... I'd take one of the littles to the library and to run errands.  This week I took Merry since he's my BOY who likes to read...never had one of those before.  As we were leaving I told the littles who were outside that I was taking Merry to the library and Bilbo said, "Oh, whose house are you going to."  It's really never too late to educate your children in something like a library. :)  That said, the reason we haven't gone to the library is that we have our own library at home full of years of accumulation of great books. 

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