June 30, 2013

Wild Storm

 In a very few short hours of the night... the other night... we got 3 inches of rain.  3 inches of rain doesn't sound like too much until you think that is the equivalent of 3 feet of snow.
I happened to grab my camera on my way out the door to the 6:30am Mass.
 This is the road that runs along the other end of our property, if you look to the right you can see a hole, a regular cave in.  It was probably about 4 feet in diameter.  This tractor thing was pushing brush and trees off the road.
Another tree down, this time across our old house road.

A new river out in someone's field.
This police car was blocking our usual way to Mass as the road was a regular river... with waves.
Power lines down.

A flooded pigpen.

A flooded sheep pasture. No joke... this is usually green grassy field/yard.

The ladder and my lawn chair were blown into the pool.
Way off in the distance, the little blue speck is the kiddie pool.

Our stream sounded like Niagara Falls and was more of a white brown water rafting course.

A regular Willie Wonka Chocolate river.

Sam swimming under the lawn chair before he brought it up.

The driveway needed to be re-flattened.
So we opted for more poor-man's-blacktop. (that's my name for it)
It's really just crushed old pavement I believe.

At the time of the posting, I kid you not, all the water was absorbed pigs and sheep back to their usual turf.  Really bizarre.

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