June 22, 2013

Mother Tongue Article

One of my sisters, the one who seems to be the world traveler, wrote a very interesting, engaging and entertaining article entitled "Mother Tongue".  I found it particularly interesting since I have traveled various parts of the globe in my day and was able to grasp some bits and pieces everywhere except in Germany where they smoosh about 5 words together and call it *a* word.  I take it back. I was able to figure out that for certain words if I just slanted them a little I was speaking German.  For example, I was able to ask for a sandwich by saying "sondweech".  "OH! Sondweech!"  They simply couldn't get American English over there at all.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the article. It made me laugh and shed a couple tears.


  1. The link didn't open for me, but maybe our computer because Fr. Z couldn't open either!

  2. Sorry, problem on our end, your link and Fr. Z both opened, ha, ha!

  3. haha! Bad day on the computer, eh? Story of my life.:D

  4. Oh my! I can relate to so much in this article. My daughters speak only English with each other here at home, although they are fluent in German. My 2 youngest will only play with Playmobil in English - "it's no fun in German"!!!! ???????
    I can't even count how many shopkeepers switch to English , when I start asking something in German... (I used to take offense after all my efforts, but now I know that they are so happy to have a chance to speak English with a native speaker.)
    Thanks for sharing Julie. (and your sister is a brilliant writer)