June 9, 2013

Mostly From the Funny Farm

 This was  a while ago since the plants are long since planted and are now about 9 feet long, the vines thicker than a quarter and the big leaves about a foot in diameter
 Going to Mass is very tiring work.
 Spring show.
 I have no idea.
 Odd photos from a trip the big boys went on at a House on a Rock...

 Plumpin' up.  He was 8 lbs, 2 oz this morning.  Up 2 full pounds from his lowest point after birth.
 Only a bit windy.
 The beginning of a pool-side deck and solor panel holder.

 No, he really isn't a nuk baby but on occasion he'll slurp on one for a bit.
 Kili's new hat handmade by one of our little friends.
 Marigold desired to be a baby until she saw Kili then she was confused and decided she would just be Marigold and that's that.
 I guess Marigold was suppose to be a Queen on a litter.
 One of our little friends.
 Ok.. this is definitely from the funny farm.  The children called this the picture of Poppy that looks like a cow.

 Size variations of eggs.  Bizarro.
 Oh my.... how comfortable.
Marigold does like her new bed... most of the time.

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